What are Examples of Good Web Design?

What are some examples of good website design?

You know you need a good website but what does that actually look like? Today we're going to show you some good website design examples by looking at some before and after shots of our website design work. To see some great examples keep watching.

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Web Design Example #1: Stumpf's Lawn Care

Our first example is Stumpf's Lawn Care and what you're seeing on the screen is their old website that we built back in 2013.



Back in 2013, this was a great-looking site, but today you probably look at it and say it looks a little outdated. Here are some of the reasons you might say that:

  • Lots of different color combinations and fonts
  • Fonts are small
  • Pictures are small, stock photos
  • Website is not responsive.




Now let's take a look at the current site that we recently launched. Here are some important elements of a great website they've used to improve their design:

Clean, Attractive Design

This site has a great modern design, with consistent colors and fonts, and it's certainly mobile-friendly

Clear Calls to Action

Call-to-action buttons are clear and compelling, like the button in the header image that says, "Get In Touch Now For A FREE Estimate."

Strong Sales Copywriting

The new website is a great example of strong sales copy designed to drive conversions and turn traffic into leads.


Web Design Example #2: REHAB1



Our next example is Rehab1. Aside from their old site needing a new look and feel, it had a few big challenges:

  • The site didn't explain who they are and what they do
  • It was missing calls to action
  • The Contact Us section was hard to find



Now let's take a look at their new site as an example of a good web design:

Be Clear About What You Do

The new site has a great, modern design that is really focused on what Rehab1 does, which is in-home therapy within retirement communities. The headline makes that simple to understand.

Obvious Calls to Action

There are three large, noticeable buttons with descriptive calls to action: "Partner with Rehab1", "Join Our Team", and "Take Back Your Health."

Easy to Read

With clear headlines and bigger fonts, along with better navigation, the new site is easy to read and use and has a better overall presentation.


Web Design Example #2: DeSouza Brown

Our third example is DeSouza Brown, who is in the business of luxury property management and upscale new homes.



When you look at their old website, there's probably nothing about this that says upscale or luxury. So part of what we really want to look at when we build new sites is are we communicating what the brand stands for? And in this case DeSouza Brown was definitely ready to move this into the next level.



So here's the new website. Here's what makes this a great example of website design:

Clean Navigation

There are obvious links to browse their luxury apartments and view properties for sale. You get a sense of what they do right away, and the navigation helps with that.

Robust Content

While the old site didn't have much copy, the new site provides robust descriptions of the properties and what DeSouza Brown has to offer.


Elements of a Great Website

Hopefully these website design examples give you a better idea of what makes a good website and some things to look out for.

We've got a free checklist of "The Elements of a Great Website." Click on the link below to download that now.

Free checklist: Elements of a Great Website

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