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How do I write better sales and marketing copy? Most sales and marketing copy quite honestly sucks. it's boring it's self-centered and it sounds exactly like everybody else.

Look, we all want to sell stuff but when it comes to actually figuring out what to say on a website or a marketing email, we're kind of at a loss.

Here's my simple, proven copywriting formula that you can use to write persuasive sales and marketing copy for nearly any situation.


Hi I'm Tom Malesic founder and President of EZMarketing and you're watching Ask EZ. This is where small business owners go to get real answers to their marketing questions.

My simple proven formula is: Problem. Agitation. Solution.



We always want to lead with the problem. You have to be able to identify your audience's pain point. So if you start your copy with a statement or question that hits on the main problem that your customer is facing, you're going to be way ahead of the game.

So here's our example:

Marketing doesn't have to be that difficult.

We all know that one of your biggest problems in marketing is that it's hard, but we can show you how it's not that difficult.



The second step is to agitate the problem. You really need to remind your audience just how painful the problem is so that they're motivated to actually fix it. The more you can add details and tell a story they can relate to, the better off your copy is going to be.

So here's an example that's on our website:

As a small business owner do you struggle with your website design? Ever wonder if your SEO agency is really delivering results? Or do you feel frustrated by your marketing in general? Maybe it's time to get a website design company that can take away all your marketing headaches.

So that's an example of really agitating the problem and getting the business owner to feel the frustrations that they have.



And finally, you want to provide the solution. You want to tell them exactly how what you do will solve their problem. The more you can give them a clear and easy way to avoid the pain, the better off you're going to be.

So here's an example that's further down on our website:

We're a website design and marketing company and we'll help you breathe that sigh of relief that comes when you're confident that all your web design and marketing needs are working. We're borderline obsessive about solving your digital marketing challenges. Through results-driven web design and search engine marketing, we make marketing easy for small business owners just like you.

Problem Agitation Solution works because it puts the customer first. Too often, copy just focuses on you. It's self-centered. Look, your customers don't care; they're only interested in buying from you because they have problems and they think you can solve them.

The Problem Agitation Solution method shows that you truly understand their problems, understand what they're going through, and that you're the one that can really fix those issues for them.


How To Write Better Copy

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