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Q: Why are online reviews important?

No matter what type of business or industry you’re in, you should always be asking your happy customers for reviews.

Why are online reviews so important, and how can you use them to build credibility for your business? To find out, keep watching!


Why Do You Need Online Reviews?

According to studies:

  • 98% of consumers read online reviews at least occasionally when searching for local businesses (BrightLocal)
  • 93% of people said online reviews have impacted their purchase decisions. (Podium)
  • Nearly half (46%) trust them as much as recommendations from friends and family (BrightLocal)
  • Google is the most-used, and most-trusted platform for reviews (BrightLocal)

In other words, reviews matter. Your customers are reading them, and your reviews on Google absolutely influence whether or not they buy from you.

Getting more online reviews is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to market and build credibility for your business. If you need help getting more Google reviews, give us a call, or watch this video:


How to Do More With Your Google Reviews

Having a bunch of 5-star reviews on Google is great, but you can do even more with them to build trust for your business.


1. Respond to them

Log into your Google Business profile and respond to let customers know you value their feedback. 88% of consumers are more likely to use a business if they can see the business owner responds to all reviews, whether positive or negative (BrightLocal).


2. Put them on your website

Your website is the center of your marketing and nearly every customer will visit it before buying from you. Adding reviews to your site reinforces your sales message and makes you more trustworthy.


3. Include them in your marketing materials

You don’t have to wait for someone to look you up on Google. Spread the word about the great things your customers have to say about you by including reviews in case studies, sales literature, brochures, even social media posts.


4. Create a testimonial book

Once you have a lot of reviews, consider putting them all into a testimonial book. Showing prospective customers how you’ve helped all these other people again and again can be a really powerful sales tool.


Need Help Getting More Online Reviews?

If you want to get more online reviews and do a better job of using the ones you have, we can help. We can set up an online experience page that makes it easy for your customers to leave 5-star Google reviews. And we can add a live feed of your Google reviews to any Wordpress website.

To get started, just click the link below to schedule a consultation.


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