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This Week's Question: How do I get more online reviews?



A question I get asked frequently is, "how do I get more online reviews?" Most businesses really struggle to get positive reviews. A happy customer is going to tell a friend, but an unhappy customer, unfortunately, wants to tell the world. It's easy to get negative reviews but it takes a lot of effort to get positive reviews.

If you'd like to know my simple proven process of how you get five-star reviews for your business keep watching.

I'm Tom Malesic, founder and President, of EZMarketing, a website designer and digital marketing agency in nearby Lancaster, PA, and you're watching Ask EZ. This is where small business owners go to get real answers to their marketing questions.

Why Aren't You Getting Reviews?

Assuming your customers love you, then why aren't you getting reviews? Well, unfortunately, human behaviors working against you. When you're happy, you tell a friend. When you're unhappy, you tell the world and quite honestly you feel justified you want to warn people about your bad experience. The only way to combat human nature is to really ask for reviews.

Now you're probably thinking it seems obvious, yes, I should just ask my happy customers for reviews.

Why Is It Hard to Ask For a Review?

But why is it so hard for you to ask? It could be that you're just afraid to ask. You don't want to annoy your customers, or maybe feel like you're being pushy. You might just forget to ask the opportunity arises and it just slips your mind. Or you might not be sure exactly how you should ask.

The reality is your customers would love to give you a review, and all you need to do is just ask them.

When Should You Ask?

The best time to ask is when a customer tells you that you did a good job, they love working with you, or that you got some specific result at how you help them. Basically, the best time to ask for a review is when they give you a compliment.

What if they didn't give you a compliment but you know they're really, really happy with you? Then it's time to go fishing for that compliment. Just ask them, "Hey, how's our company doing for you? Is there anything else we could do better or how else can we help you?" This will prompt the conversation for them to most likely say, they love you.

How Do You Ask?

I always start by thanking them. Remember, they just gave you a compliment so I start by thanking them for sharing their great experience and for being such a great customer.

Then I lead into my ask, I say "Hey, can you do me a favor? We're working on getting more reviews on Google, would you be so kind as to give us a review?"

Then what I always like to do is I like to thank people for giving us a review. So I say, "Listen, after you leave a review as a thank you, I'd like to give you a $25 Amazon gift card just for doing me a favor."

A common roadblock that you might run into is simply the technology. Depending on who your customer is they might need your help. If you're with them, you can always ask them to pull out their phone and you can walk them through the process. If not, you can always send them a link through an email to go directly to your Google review.

Your Homework

Here's your homework:

I want you to find five to ten customers and ask them for reviews this week. As a practice, you can also leave reviews for businesses that you really like as well. The more you do, the easier it gets.

And hey, if you like this video please go to the link below and give us a Google review, we'd sure appreciate it.

If you want more Google reviews for your business, our digital marketing company can help. We have an online experience page we can set up for you, and we can even add a feed of Google reviews to your website. 

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