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Today, I have a question for you: Who's your best salesperson?

You may be thinking of that go-getter on your team, or maybe you're the business owner and you're saying, "Tom, I'm the only salesperson!"

If you're doing this right, your website design should be your best salesperson.

It works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It never takes a vacation, it can talk to hundreds of prospects -- all at the same time -- it always shows up
on time, dresses right, and says the right thing.

If your website isn't your best salesperson, you're doing it wrong. To find out what, keep watching.

Hi, I'm Tom Malesic, Founder and President of EZMarketing, and you're watching Ask EZ. This is where small business owners go to get real answers to their marketing questions.


Why Your Website design Is Failing to Be your Best Salesperson

There are two big problems I see all the time that prevent websites from being effective salespeople.

#1: It's Outdated

First, your website design is outdated. The design looks old, out-of-style, maybe it's not mobile-friendly, or it's just plain ugly or embarrassing.

It's like sending a sales person out in dirty, ripped up clothes and flip-flops. It's embarrassing, unprofessional, and not making a good impression on your business.

Or maybe the content is just boring or inaccurate. You won't want your salespeople providing outdated or wrong information to potential customers, but if you don't regularly update your website design, or it has old photos or broken links, that's exactly what you're doing.

In order for your website to be your best salesperson, both the design and the
content need to be up-to-date and look professional.

#2: You're treating it like a brochure

Second, are you treating your web design like it's a brochure?Look, a brochure is static. It sits on the counter, probably says a little bit about your business, hopefully, looks pretty, but doesn't do much else.

Imagine you walked into a store to buy a lawnmower and the salesperson says, "Hey here's a brochure. Read it and tell me what you want to buy."

No -- instead, a good salesperson should ask, "What kind of mower are you looking
for?" then answer your questions and provide recommendations.

In the same way, your website should be active. It should help people find information that they're looking for and help them make an informed buying decision.

Unlike a brochure, your website design can have buttons, videos, a photo gallery, case studies testimonials and more to help guide people toward the sale.

A lot of small companies unfortunately have a brochure website design, but if you really want to grow, your website should be actively selling your business.


Again, if you want your website to be your best salesperson,

  • Don't let it get outdated
  • Don't treat it like a brochure


How to Tell if Your Website design Is Your Best Salesperson

OK, here's your homework: I want you to ask yourself two simple questions to see
if your website is your best salesperson:

#1 Are you embarrassed by it?

An embarrassing website design isn't your best salesperson, it's your worst one. And if it's embarrassing, it's time to make a change.

#2: Is it generating results?

Again, your website should be actively selling for you.

You couldn't afford to hire a salesperson who didn't sell. Why would you do the same thing with your website?


Let's Get Your Website Selling!

If you want to turn your website into your best salesperson, sign up for our free consultation. I'll review your website design and give you practical suggestions on how you can improve to make it your best salesperson.

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