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What's the ONE thing that you should know about your customers?

When people talk about identifying your ideal customer or building buyer personas they can get really bogged down in some of the details. It's not just saying that Susie, is a 21 to 30-year-old suburban mom. It's saying that Susie has blonde hair, wears lots of yellow and enjoys long walks on the beach.

Detailed customer profiles can be great and really useful, but there's one thing that you absolutely need to know about your customers that beats everything else. To find out what that is keep watching.

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The #1 thing you need to know about your customers is: what's their biggest problem that you can help them solve.


why is this so important?

People only buy from you because they believe you can help them solve a problem.

You can be the nicest person on the planet, you can know their birthday, their kid's names, and they're still not going to buy from you unless there's something in it for them. If you don't know what their problem is you can't explain how you can help them.


how do you figure out their biggest problem?

I like to start with making a list of what challenges customers have told us about in the past. So for my business, they say things like:

Next, I'd like you to make a list of what your customers didn't like about buying from your competitors. So for my business, this would be things like:

  • It took them months to make small changes to my website
  • They just don't get back to me
  • No one takes the time to review what they're doing or what results I'm getting
  • They don't even give me advice on what I ought to do next

After you have all this information you can write copy for your website or remarketing materials that really speaks to your customers' frustrations and how you solve all those problems. When your customer believes that you understand their problems they're going to trust you to solve those problems.


To learn more about the ideal customer for your business I invite you to watch our free on-demand webinar: How To Identify The Perfect Right Fit Customer. Click on the link below to sign up.

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