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How do I create a welcome email series?

When someone first signs up for your email marketing list, what do you send them? That very first email after somebody signs up is called a "Welcome Email" which you should absolutely be sending. But we recommend going one step further and sending an automated series of messages.

If you're not sending a welcome email series to your new subscribers you're missing out on a big opportunity. To find out how to create a simple three-step email welcome series for your business, keep watching.

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Why are welcome emails so important?

First people are expecting it. Whether someone is signing up for your newsletter, special offer, or for updates, they're giving you their email address because they want to hear from you.

That's why welcome emails generate four times more opens and five times more clicks than regular marketing campaigns.

Sadly most business owners waste the opportunity. At best they send a bare bones confirmation that just says, "Thanks for signing up!" And even worse, they send nothing at all.

The best way to capitalize on a new subscriber is to send them a series of emails.


What to include in your email welcome series

Here's a simple three-step email series you can use to welcome prospects, introduce your business, and encourage them to take action.

Email 1: Thank You

Email number one is a thank you. This is kind of like inviting somebody into your house. Your new subscriber just invited you into their inbox–you should thank them!

Next, set some expectations. They just trusted you with their email address so be clear about the benefits of being on your list. Let them know what you'll be sending and when. If you promised a free offer or coupon for signing up include this in the first email so that you're delivering on the expectations right away.

If you didn't already, now's the time to offer them something of value to build a relationship and reinforce the benefits of joining your email list. This could be a coupon, a special discount, or a free resource.

Email #2: Company Info

Email number two can be all about your company. Tell them about your business and, more importantly, tell them how you help them. You can share your story and talk about what you do but keep it relevant to the challenges that your prospects face. This is a great place to use testimonials, case studies, and provide additional resources.

Email #3: Take Action

Email number three is about taking that next step. Encourage your subscribers to take an action.

Now that they're more familiar with your company and you've provided them with some value, they may be ready to take that next step in doing business with you.

Include a special offer or discount–it might just be that nudge they need to push them over the edge to buy.

If they're not ready to buy, or you have a long sales cycle, that's okay too. Encourage them to take a smaller step like schedule consultation, or get a free quote.

3-step email welcome series

This is really as simple as:

  1. Email #1: Thank them
  2. Email #2: Introduce your company and how you help
  3. Email #3: Encourage them to take that next step in doing business with you

We can create and set up an automated email welcome series for you. We'll write all the emails and get everything set up on your email platform so that it automatically sends a series of emails to each new subscriber on your email list.

Click the link below to schedule consultation about your email marketing.


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