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Q: I’m not getting enough visitors to my website. How do I increase my website traffic?

Your website is the center of your marketing, so ALL your other marketing should be sending people back to your website. Meaning the more marketing you do, the more web traffic you should get.

So any marketing is going to help, but when it comes to driving website traffic, Search Engine Optimization I s one of the most powerful. And in order for SEO to work, you need great content.

But me just saying “Do SEO,” or “You need more content,” isn’t really helpful, so instead I’m going to give you some specific SEO strategies that have helped increase website traffic for our small business clients.

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So how can you get more traffic to your website? Let’s jump right in.


1. Optimize each of your product or service pages for ONE primary keyword

To increase organic traffic and rank on Google, your website needs to be optimized. But many small businesses make the mistake of stuffing a whole bunch of different keywords on every page.

Instead, find a handful of top keywords for your business–ones that relate to your products or services AND that people are actually searching for. Then, choose ONE keyword per page, and optimize it accordingly. You’ll rank better and get more traffic for the keywords that matter most for your business.


2. Create localized landing pages

If you’re a local business, you want to get local traffic to your website. People searching for things like “dentists near me” or “custom sheds in <your city>.”

Creating specific landing pages for each city or location you serve is a great way to incorporate location-specific keywords and boost your local SEO traffic.


3. Leverage your Google Business Listing

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your local listings, especially your Google Business Listing. You can add products, Q&As, photos, and contact links, which help you show up more prominently in Google search results and can drive a ton of local traffic to your site.


4. Answer Questions

Figure out the questions your customers are asking and create optimized content that answers those questions. That may be an in-depth article on your blog, or a concise FAQ section on a product page. You can use tools like Answer the Public, or just type questions into Google and look at the “People Also Ask” section for ideas.


5. Repurpose your content (and add video)

Take your high-performing blogs posts and re-use them in other formats, like infographics, slideshows, and especially video. People love watching video, it’s a great way to drive extra traffic from YouTube and social media. We can turn any blog post into a video for you, so it’s easy to get high-quality video content.

Creating images and infographics from your blogs is also a great way to repurpose the content. You can use free tools like Canva to easily make high-quality, sharable graphics.


6. Share your content everywhere

Don’t think you’re done when you hit “publish” on your latest blog post. You should be sharing that content across every channel you can. Post it on Facebook, send out a newsletter on LinkedIn, take an excerpt and make it an Instagram Story, and definitely send it out to your email list. Every place you share it gets more eyes on your content and more traffic back to your site.


If you want to increase your website traffic, we can help you with all these traffic-building strategies, and many more. Our SEO services are built for small businesses and will help you rank on Google and get found online. Contact us for a free consultation today to get started.

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