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How do I create inexpensive videos for social media?

Thanks to our client Kelly Mahler for this question. Kelly's an occupational therapist and the leading expert in the topic of interception. She uses Facebook to promote her business and courses and she knows that video is really important on social media.

Studies show that videos are people's favorite type of content on social media. In fact videos are shared twelve times more than a link or a text post combined. To learn how you can create simple but effective videos without spending a fortune keep watching.

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Types of Videos for Social Media:

When you first think about video you might be imagining your favorite Superbowl ad from the big brands and you're thinking to yourself: "I could never do that." But there are many different types of videos that you don't need to spend a fortune to make.

  • Educational or how-to videos
  • Explainer videos (that help explain a product or a service
  • Video testimonials
  • Animated slideshows

Educational/How-To Video

You can do educational and how-to videos — for example — this one. Find yourself a simple backdrop. Set up a camera and a tripod. For best results we recommend that you use this cool little external microphone. It sounds way better!

There are many types of editing software on the market. We use Adobe Premiere, but there are definitely some simple ones that you can use. One little tip for you is have someone else operate the camera. I know it's gonna feel uncomfortable but you're going to get better results.

You can also turn educational content like blog posts into videos. We've used a cool tool that's called Lumen5 to repurpose our text-based articles into short videos. It's a great way to refresh your existing content and get more attention on social media.


Explainer Videos

You can also create explainer videos. They can be live-action, but animated videos and whiteboard videos are really common.

There's lots of online software tools out there. A program that we've been using is called Doodly to create our explainer videos, and we just finished up one recently for our geofencing services. You can also use screen capturing software like Vidyard to walk your customers through any kind of digital products or even just your services in general.



Testimonials are a great way to promote your business. It's one thing if you say it. It's another thing if your customer says it.

The testimonial videos don't have to be really fancy just get your customer on camera to say what they like about you and your product or service.


Animated Slideshow

If you're looking for something super simple why don't you try an animated slideshow? Anything that adds movement will help you stand out on social media. You can create a moving photo gallery, you can add text overtop of images, or even use stock video clips to create cool animated ads.



If I piqued your interest about doing some video, here's your homework. We've put together an equipment list, the link is right below this video. Go there, buy the stuff you need go ahead and get started if you need help you can always give us a call.

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