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This Week's Question: I have a social media page for my business, but I rarely update it, because I don't know what to post. What should I post?


I have a social media page for my business, but I rarely update it, because – well – I just don't know what to post. What should I post?

Remember, social media marketing is about being social! It can't just be all about you. To create balanced content in social media, we like to use what we call the Rule of Thirds.

The Rule of Thirds

  1. The first third is to share things, we want you to share things like news, or resources, or tips.
  2. The second third is to interact with your customer, maybe ask them a question, or we encourage them to have a conversation back with us.
  3. And finally, the last third is for you to really promote your business, your services, your products, and even your company culture.

If you'd like to learn more about what to post on social media, keep watching!

Hi, I'm Tom Malesic, founder and President, of EZMarketing, a digital marketing agency in Lancaster, PA, and you're watching Ask EZ. This is where small business owners go to get real answers to their marketing questions.

Don't Post for the Sake of Posting

The thing to keep in mind with social media marketing is that your business should act like a person. We want you to be authentic and we don't want you to act like a robot. Don't just post for the sake of posting. I thought the best way to explain what to post, would be to give you some examples of what we do at EZMarketing on our Facebook marketing page.

#1: Share

The first thing you want to do in social media is share. So that might be articles, or news, or resources, or tips. A great example is this video itself. So every week when we email this video out, we also post it on our Facebook page.

Another example is we like to share when our customers have success. So here's an example of LanChester Grill and Hearth was featured in the Lancaster Newspaper and we posted that on our Facebook page to congratulate them.

#2: Interact

Next, you want to engage with your local community, customers, or any kind of events. Here's an example of one of our favorite charities, they're a client of ours and they've been that way for about 18 years, it's the Sertoma Club and they sponsor the Long's Park chicken BBQ. So we shared their event to really engage with the community.

#3: Promote

And finally, you can promote your services, your work, and even your company culture. An example of our work is every time we launch a new website, we post that up on our Facebook page. This gives us the opportunity to show our work and also to promote one of our customers.

We also use this to promote company culture. So one of our most viral videos that we posted up was on National Slap Your Annoying Coworker Day. Yes, that's a real holiday, and we shot a video and it was really funny, please watch that.

What Should You Post?

Okay, what should you post? You should post content, whether you created that content or you found it someplace else. This could be a news story, a blog, maybe it's an infographic.

Next, you can do something interactive, maybe it's a poll, or a quiz, or you're asking a question of your audience. You could ask your followers to provide content. We have clients that we do contests for and people submit photos to their Facebook page. People love visual content, so post photos, and videos, or those funny memes; you know the picture with words over it. They love that stuff!

And finally, you can share educational based content. So this might be an e-book or a white paper that you want to share with them.

Whatever you decide to post, you should do it consistently, and of course, you need a plan.

Your Homework

Okay, here's your homework:

Using the rule of thirds, I want you to create a plan for what you're going to post. The best way to keep track of this is to write it down. Right below this video, you can download our free social media content calendar to help you come up with ideas, create your plan, and track it.

We'd love to help you, too. We have internet marketing services available including SEO services, PPC marketing, and email marketing. Plus website design and development services.

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Social Media Content Calendar Template - Download

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