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So you're thinking about getting a new website design. What kind of website do you need?

There are billions of website designs out there, right? Big ones, small one,. Ones for  business, personal branding, education, entertainment. So what kind of website should you have?

There are three basic types of small business websites. To find out what they are and which one is right for you, keep watching. 

Hi, I'm Tom Malesic, Founder and President of EZMarketing, and you're watching Ask EZ. This is where small business owners go to get real answers to their marketing questions. 

3 Basic Types of Small Business Website Designs

  1. Brochure websites
  2. Lead generation websites
  3. Online sales (e-commerce) websites



The first one is the brochure website. This is the simplest type of website design. It's usually

Think of it like a printed brochure, right? It has basic Information about your business but really isn't doing anything to drive sales. Its sole purpose is to validate that you're in business.

This is great for startups or businesses with a really small or limited budget. But as your business grows, you should get a website design that actually sells and promotes your business.



Next we have the lead generation website. This is the most popular type of website design for small businesses.

This site certainly provides great information about your business, but its sole purpose is to generate a lead. So if you want the visitor to take an action maybe that's like get a quote or schedule an appointment, maybe you want them to download a buyer's guide or you just want them to pick up the phone and call you your job is to get them to take that next step to become a customer.

Typically these websites are 10 to 50 pages. They're really great if you can't sell anything directly online. If you need them to visit you or meet with you to come get a quote before they buy, you're going to want a lead generation website design.



And finally we have the online sales website or e-commerce website design.

We've all purchased something online. I know I live on Amazon.  So this is when you can go to a site, click a button, and buy something right away. 

These sites are typically much larger and consequently much more expensive to build because they have complicated features, like shopping carts, payment processing, or shipping calculations which can get really, really intricate. And usually they have lots of pages for the individual products.

But if you have a product that somebody can literally buy now and purchase it online, there's no better way than e-commerce.


To learn more about how to get the right website design for your business I invite you to download our "Ultimate Website Buyer's Guide" and it'll show you how to hire the right web designer and get an effective website design. 

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