Over the years, EZMarketing Tom Malesic has been lucky enough to interview several authors, business owners, and celebrities he has met through his travels and conferences. We dug a few out of our archive and wanted to share these expert tips with you!

Mike Wolfe, star director and producer of the History Channel's American Pickers with some tips on how to give the best customer experience when people come to your store. He offers some examples on what he does for his stores located in Nashville, Tennessee and LeClaire, Iowa.

Tom had the honor in talking with Patrick Spearman, CEO of Envoy Medical, who created The Esteem - a prosthetic hearing advice which helped people like Lou Ferrigno to hear without the use of a hearing aid.

Tom Hopkins, author of sales books and audiobooks, gives his number one tip for business owners on how they can grow their business from sales. Tom says to forget your product and realize that your product is not what you sell. You're selling the benefits they get after they own it. All business owners need to be salesmen, and help to motivate their team communicate the benefits and features of their products.

Tom interviewed Steve Miller, an expert on video marketing, who explains that video can be used in all different types of marketing and is the next best thing to communicating with them in person. While B2B and B2C have been commonly used for decades, there is more of a trend to H2H, or human to human business, which video can help do at a very inexpensive cost.

Finally, Tom had an interview with Mark Sanborn, author of The Fred Factor, who talks about how no one can prevent you from becoming extraordinary. It all comes down to everyone having the same amount of time in the day, and how it's up to you to make it truly extraordinary.

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Posted by EZMarketing Team on Jan 23, 2015 3:16:21 PM
EZMarketing Team