Why Responsive Web Design Is Here to Stay


One size – or website design – doesn't fit all!

If you’re considering having your website designed to adapt its layout to multiple devices and screen sizes, then you’re on the right track. Whether you have time to kill or need quick information at a moment’s notice, responsive web design provides just the right level of adaptability for users (and potential clients) to view your website design on any device.


Your website design should look and function well everywhere – not just on your desktop or laptop computer. More mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are entering the market with admittance to the Internet from hot spots all over. This means that the number of potential viewers who want to access to your website is growing!

No pinching, scrolling, or zooming

Responsive web designresponsize rotate pinch zoom allows users to view features and content on your website with stretchable (flexible) images, fluid grids, and adaptive content and layouts that automatically resize to fit any device’s screen size. It would almost be impossible to design a site that fits on all platforms (iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, Smart TVs and so many more) and also provides the user with the same experience as intended for desktop computers.

These grids and adaptive layouts empower your web developer to place emphasis on specific areas (called "touch points" in the web design field) that the viewer might need to access based on convenience.


The rise in numbers

The average number of unique screen resolutions in the past 3 years is almost three times higher! What does this mean? The more screen resolutions being introduced, the more web mobile use increasingdesigners are challenged to create a website design that fits on all of them! With responsive web design, they can create a single website design for all online customers and still offer the same uniformity to your brand.

61% of smartphone users made purchases on their devices in early 2013 … at this rate, your website could be ignored or excluded for its customer experience for these mobile shoppers and browsers. It is crucial that you enable your company’s message and voice to all viewers on the Internet, no matter what device they're using to access your site.

Standard vs. Extraordinary

With new mobile devices that are becoming more and more popular, responsive web design is not going away. Viewers don’t care if your site is responsive or a separate mobile site. They care about getting the information they want when they want it! If their experience is awkward or broken, then they care. And you will too!

Is responsive web design going to break the bank? Responsive website design may initially cost more than an ordinary website design, because it involves more planning, developing, and testing to provide the best result for everyone who visits your website. But when you discover the benefits of your investment, you’ll realize that establishing a higher ROI is no hazard for your wallet. An adaptive website design will work harder for your brand than a normal desktop website design, making it a sensible asset for your company.

If the user has a good experience while browsing your site on any device, you are more likely to gain a long-term customer. With a responsive web design, your website design will be ready to support the latest and greatest device as soon as its release – without spending more money maintaining your separate mobile website design to adapt to next month’s new screen resolutions and challenges.

To learn more about designing an effective, responsive website design talk with our web design company in Lancaster, PA. And check out: The Business Owner's Guide to Designing a Website For Your Business.

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