EZMarketing Designs Website for Pennsylvania Whitetail Open


LANCASTER, Pa. (November 5, 2019) – EZMarketing is thrilled to announce the launch of the Pennsylvania Whitetail Open (PAWTO)’s new website, pawhitetailopen.com. Shawn Arters, Founder of PAWTO, has long dreamed of creating a unique deer hunting tournament. This year, when it was able to become a reality, he called EZMarketing because he knew they would do a great job with the website design and development.

This year marks the beginning of the first annual Pennsylvania Whitetail Open tournament. It is the first and only statewide, large-scale deer hunting tournament that offers the possibility of life-changing payouts. The guaranteed minimum total prize money is $25,000! All participants need to do is register online, and review the rules and regulations for entry. A passionate outdoor aficionado, Shawn Arters, started the tournament and the event was created to celebrate the enjoyment and camaraderie in the sport of hunting.

"Pennsylvania Whitetail Open came to us looking for a website that would motivate hunting enthusiasts to enter a tournament to win cash prizes,” said Marie Sonder, Web Designer & Developer at EZMarketing. "We created a website that appeals to their target audience and has the tools that allow hunters to enter the contest easily while also providing a system to score the deer and track entries."


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About The Pennsylvania Whitetail Open – The Pennsylvania Whitetail Open (PAWTO) Big Buck Tournament is an annual tournament that runs during deer firearms season in PA. It begins in November and runs through mid-December. The PAWTO rules and regulations must be followed in order to participate. For more information, visit pawhitetailopen.com.

Posted by EZMarketing Team on Nov 5, 2019 9:35:14 AM
EZMarketing Team