EZMarketing Announces Practical, Hands-on Workshops for Small Business Owners

LANCASTER, Pa. (February 6, 2020) – EZMarketing, a Lancaster-based web agency focused on innovative web design and custom-tailored marketing strategies, is thrilled to announce that it will be hosting three free workshops this winter through early spring at their location, 111 Centerville Rd. Lancaster, PA 17603. The practical, hands-on workshops are tailored to business owners who are looking to improve and grow their businesses through the help of digital marketing.

The first workshop, How to Identify the Perfect “Right Fit” Customer, will be on Thursday, February 20, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. This workshop will discuss the importance of identifying the right customer, the difference between a target market and an ideal customer, and teach attendees how to narrow their business focus to a beneficial, lucrative niche. Attendees will leave effectively knowing how to target the right customer for their business. Register for “How to Identify the Perfect ‘Right Fit’ Customer” workshop online at info.ezmarketing.com/workshop-ideal-client.

The following workshop, STAND OUT: How to Differentiate Your Business and Craft a Message that Sells, will be held on Thursday, March 19, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. In this workshop, attendees will learn how to define a Unique Selling Proposition that allows them to stand out from competitors, as well as simple writing techniques for crafting an effective marketing message that encourages customers to act. Register for “STAND OUT: How to Differentiate Your Business and Craft a Message that Sells” workshop online at info.ezmarketing.com/workshop-usp.

The last session, How to Build a Successful Marketing Plan, will be held on Thursday, April 16, 2020, at 8:00 a.m. This workshop will focus on EZMarketing’s proven 5-step marketing process and will walk through the steps attendees need to take to create a well-defined plan for their marketing. Additionally, attendees will be taught how to invest their money in tactics that make sense for their business and how to measure the results from their efforts. Register for “How to Build a Successful Marketing Plan” workshop online at info.ezmarketing.com/workshop-marketing-plan.

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About EZMarketing - EZMarketing is a Lancaster, Pa. marketing agency specializing in website design and digital marketing. Through results-driven marketing strategies, EZMarketing makes it easier for small businesses throughout Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg to achieve their business dreams. For more information, visit us at www.ezmarketing.com.

Posted by EZMarketing Team on Feb 6, 2020 12:42:25 PM
EZMarketing Team