EZMarketing Designs & Develops New Website for Dr. Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor Homepage

LANCASTER, Pa. (August 28, 2019) – EZMarketing is delighted to announce the launch of Dr. Ann Taylor’s new website, dranntaylor.com. This client was in need of a new website to promote her books, as well as to effectively implement other types of marketing.

Dr. Ann Taylor is a writer, educator, and presenter who specializes in the topic of “your potential.” Taylor grew up on an Amish farm but was ex-communicated along with several other family members. She currently has three books out—Born Amish, Your PEP Chart, and Six Steps to Your Potential—as well as various workshops, coaching sessions, and presentations that can be found on her website.

"Ann Taylor needed to redesign her website to promote her new books, workshops, and consulting business,” said Marie Sonder, Web Designer & Developer at EZMarketing. "We gave her a more modern look that showcased her books and workshops as well as Ann's unique experience."

“Ann has been an author and both a personal and business counselor since 1979. It has been a pleasure meeting her and a privilege to introduce Ann to our digital strategists and our web development team. I highly recommend her latest publication, Born Amish,” said Bill Hager of EZMarketing, who helped Dr. Ann Taylor get her new website.


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 About Dr. Ann Taylor – Dr. Ann Taylor, from Lancaster, Pa. is a writer, educator, and presenter. Dr. Ann Taylor aims to help others discover the unique gifts that bring their passions to life. For more information, visit www.dranntaylor.com.

Posted by EZMarketing Team on Aug 28, 2019 11:15:00 AM
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