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How can I use geofencing marketing for my business? 

If you're not familiar with geofencing, it's when you put a virtual perimeter around a real-world location. Now you can show ads to people on their mobile phones who have visited that location.

You may be used to geographic targeting on platforms like Facebook or Google Ads, but geofencing gives you more options to deliver mobile ads based on where somebody has actually been. How can you use geofencing for your business? To find, out keep watching.

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Uses of Geofencing Marketing

The advantage of geofencing is it uses precise location-based targeting. 

1. Target Competitors

You can target your competitors. Have you ever wished you could steal customers from your competitors? Admit it, nearly every small business owner has.

Geofencing allows you to specifically target your competitors' customers by putting a geofence around their location. For example, if you're a local car dealership you could geofence other nearby dealerships and your ads would show to everyone who's visited your competitors. How cool is that!

2. Target Places Customers Go

Also, you can target places your customers go. Sometimes the trouble with marketing is figuring out how to reach the right people. Geofencing allows you to target geographic locations where your customers spend time.

Now imagine your business is trying to reach high-income couples. You can geofence specific wealthy neighborhoods, country clubs, and expensive fancy restaurants rather than relying on less accurate zip code targeting.

3. Target Events 

You can also target events. Geofencing is great for event marketing like trade shows and conferences. You can put a geofence around the event venue so that you can display your ads to attendees during and after the event.

4. Retarget Customers

And don't forget you could also always retarget your customers. Digital ad platforms let you create those follow-me ads for people who have visited your website.

Geofencing is different because it lets you create those ads for people who have physically visited your store or your location. This is great if you have a customer loyalty program or special offers for repeat visitors and buyers.

5. Recruit Employees

And finally, geofencing isn't just good for advertising to customers; it can also help you recruit employees. You can geofence local schools, recruiting agencies, or even your competitors to attract that quality talent you're looking for.

Who Is Geofencing For

While geofencing has many uses it works better for some types of businesses than others. We generally recommend using it for businesses that have two unique characteristics:

  1. They have a physical store showroom or location.
  2. They need to be able to identify physical locations where customers routinely spend time.

We offer affordable geofencing marketing services for small businesses just like yours. To find out more about how geofencing can work for your business just click on the link below and schedule your free consultation.


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