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This Week's Question: How do you protect yourself from coronavirus phishing scams?

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You've probably noticed that you're getting more spam and phishing attacks right now that are all about the coronavirus. So, how do you protect your business from these hackers?

Look, we know that you and your team you're probably desperate for news about what's going on in the world, and these hackers and scammers just try to take advantage of you. They know that you're more susceptible right now to any kind of phishing attacks that might try to take your valuable credentialsmaybe it's to Quickbooks, or maybe it's your bank account, or maybe they're just trying to steal your credit card information.

Coronavirus Phishing Scams to Watch Out FOr

Some of the common phishing attacks that we are seeing right now that are out there are:

  • Urgent emails that are pretending to be from the CDC or the World Health Organization.
  • A mobile app that's trying to get you to download it so that you can see tracking maps of what's going on.
  • Fake online stores that are claiming to have items that you are looking for, like hand sanitizer, or masks.
  • Fake government communications emails (and these are pretty tricky!) They're trying to get you to give personal information, especially now to try and get the payment information for the checks the government says they are going to send out.

How to Protect Your Business

So how do you protect yourself and your business?

Educate your staff

It really starts with education. So if we can educate your employees on what to look for in a phishing attack, you're going to be safer. We know that 90% of all data breaches actually come because your employees actually gave the bad guys the information.

Use a secure connection when working remotely

We also want you to be proactive on your home security network. So, in other words, you're probably working from home right now and that means you're remoting into your work computer and if you don't have a secure connection between your home and your office, you could be putting your office network at risk.

If you want help with that, give us a call and our techs are happy to work with you and make sure that you're doing everything by best practices.

You need to know when attacks happen

You also need to know when these attacks happen, right? For most people, when they get attacked it takes months for you to even know that the attack happened, and that creates a risk for you.

Password Watchdog

Introducing Password Watchdog

We do have a new product, it's called Password Watchdog, and it does three things:

  1. It detects if your usernames and passwords are being sold online.
  2. It will send your staff phishing attacks to see if we can trick them into giving the credentials.
  3. We send training videos, so that we can help educate your employees on what's going on.

How it Works

So, let me go into a little more detail there. When your usernames and passwords are being stolen, they're also then being sold. They're being sold on what's called the dark web this is kind of the trading network for the bad guys.

The Password Watchdog software will actually scan the dark web and look for your usernames and passwords that are currently being sold on the dark web, and then we'll notify you when we find them.

The phishing attacks that we can launch against your staff are just phenomenal. So, we'll be able to see who actually gives away your credentials, and who understands what to look for in that phishing attack.

Then the training videos that we have for the software are just amazing, and they're really going to do a great job. They're short and will be super helpful for you.


Get a Free Scan

Right now, we can do a free scan for you. So if you would like to know which of your email addresses and passwords are being sold right now, we can scan the dark web, completely for free. If you want to take advantage of this just contact us. We'll run the scan, and let you know.

50% off during coronavirus crisis.

The service itself is normally $100 per month, and that's for 100 employees or less. And right now, we're able to offer this at half price.

So, if this is something you'd like to take advantage of it would only be $50 per month if you have 100 employees or less. And again, we're going to scan the dark web, we're going to phish your team to see who can give away your credentials, and we send them education and training videos.

So that's what the service entails and if you want to take advantage again, just contact us, and we'll get started.

Password Watchdog - Learn More

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