How to Follow Up with Your Expo Contacts the Right Way

You probably met a lot of great people at the Lancaster Business Expo last week (that is, as long as you weren’t just hanging out eating that delicious Smokehouse BBQ - not that we could blame you). Now you’re facing a mountain of business cards and wondering what to do next. 

If you’re like most people, you’ll likely fall into one of these three categories:

  1. You’ll forget about all those business cards and assure yourself you’ll do a much better job following up next year
  2. You’ll send a single thank you email and call it a day
  3. You’ll put together a marketing plan to make the most of your Expo connections

As a digital marketing company, we’d like to help you land in that third category! So here’s a short list of tips on how to effectively follow up with your contacts from the Expo:


Gather and Prioritize All Business Cards

Check through your bags, briefcases, purses, and pockets to find all those business cards that you stashed away during the event. Prioritize contacts who specifically requested follow-up, or with whom you had deeper conversations so you can reach out to them first. If you have a CRM system or email marketing program, enter all information from your business cards there. If not, a simple Excel spreadsheet will get the job done.


Follow Up Directly with Your Top Priorities

Once you’ve prioritized your whole stack of business cards, follow up directly with your top priorities. These are the people who you feel you can genuinely help or will benefit your business. Consider giving them a quick phone call or sending a highly personalized email, reminding them of the highlights of your conversation at the Expo and suggesting a logical next step, like scheduling a meeting.


Send Everyone a Thank You Email

Gratitude is important, so send an email to all of your contacts to thank them for connecting with you. Try to send this out within 1-3 business days after the event. Include personalization whenever possible, and make sure you reference the Expo, to remind everyone of why they’re hearing from you.


Include a Relevant Call to Action

When you send out your thank you email, include a relevant call to action, so people who are interested in your business know what to do next. This might be something like, “schedule a meeting,” “request a demo,” or “claim our special offer.” Just keep it actionable and specific, rather than “learn more” or “visit our website.”


Share Useful Content or Information

Build your relationship with your new Expo connections by being helpful and adding value. Perhaps your business has articles, white papers, tools, or other informational content that your contacts would find interesting. Maybe you have a special offer or event coming up - give them the inside scoop and invite them to take advantage!


Include Them in Your Drip Marketing Efforts

Although the Expo is great for making connections, that doesn’t mean that every contact is ready to become a customer. Add qualified contacts into your regular drip marketing efforts - things like newsletters, blog posts, phone call follow-ups, etc. The goal is to keep your business top-of-mind and nurture contacts until they’re ready to buy.


We hope these tips help you follow up with your own contacts and make the most out of this year’s Business Expo.


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