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What are some free tools and tactics that I can use to market my business right now?

With the coronavirus pandemic  inevitably you're probably short on cash, or you're at least worried about cash. But it's still critical that you stay in front of your customers and your prospects and continue to market your business.

So I thought I'd pull together some free tools and tips that you can use to promote
your business.

Tip #1: Email Marketing

My first tip is: email marketing. Across the board, email marketing is one of
the cheapest ways that you can market to your customers and prospects.

You can use third-party tools like Mailchimp or Hubspot, who actually offer free plans if you have less than 2,000 people on your list.

It's really important ALL the time that you do regular email marketing, but especially right now, this is a really inexpensive or free way that you can stay in touch with your customers.

Tip #2: Social Media

My next tip is social media. Now that people are working from home or staying at home, they're spending more time than ever on social media. And the prices of ads are cheaper than they've ever been. So I highly recommend that you use social media to really get your message out there, or just run flat out ads that you
can actually make money on.

Now you might be thinking: "Yeah, but what if my business is completely closed?" Even our customers that have businesses that are closed like hair salons are doing a phenomenal job of marketing to their customers and just staying
in touch with what's going on in their life.

They're even doing some special community relations outreach as well.

Salon Enso_Instagram

Tangles wait for us

I really encourage you to use Facebook, or Instagram, or whatever social media platform you're comfortable with to stay in touch with your customers.

Tip #3: Use Video

My third tip is to use video. Look, people spend lots of time online, and they love watching video. After all, you're watching this video right now.

You can also use videos for meetings and events. So I don't know about you, but I think I spend 4 hours a day on Zoom, whether it's a webinar or and actual in-person - well - in-person Zoom meeting with a customer or prospect.

There are options that it can be one-on-one, or you can do it in group modes
where you have lots of people on the call, all at the same time. You could also use Google Hangouts or any other kind of live video feed.

A great free tool that I love to use is called Vidyard. It's literally a plugin to Chrome
that will allow you to record and then copy a web address and an image that you can put right into an email. 

Tom Vidyard ExampleI'm actually using Vidyard every single day to send messages to my team, because obviously I can't see them face to face. But this is a way I can give them a daily update of things that they should know and what's going on.

If you like these free tips, I have many more tips and resources on a page on our website. The link is below.

>>Free COVID-19 Marketing Resources Page

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Posted by EZMarketing Team on Apr 29, 2020 7:15:00 AM
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