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How do you protect your website from getting hacked? Over the last couple years, we've seen a tremendous increase in the amount of times that hackers are absolutely attacking websites. 

They're going in, they're spamming it, they're creating links, and in many cases, they're shutting it down completely. But more importantly what they're trying to do is trying to steal your customer information and specifically credit card information. Here are six simple tips to keep your website and your business safe from hackers.
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Tip #1:  Install Security Plugins

Most websites today are built on some kind of content management system like Wordpress. And over time they're all going to have security risks, and if you install security plugins, you're going to get alerted to things that are going wrong and how your website's being hacked.  So please, you absolutely have to install security plugins.

Tip #2: Update Your Plugins

Your website was built with using lots of different plugins or applications that make your website work. Over time all of these plugins will have vulnerability that a hacker have figured out how to exploit and attack your website. It's critical that you update all these plugins every single month.

Tip # 3: Install A Security Certificate

What this means is you've probably visited a site and up in the top in the browser window has the web address of the company. And sometimes it just says "http" and sometimes it says "https". The S stands for Secure. And you're going to want to make sure that your website developer installs a security certificate to make your website secure. It's important for the user, but it's really important for Google because Google no longer wants you to use an insecure website.

Tip #4: Back It Up

You want to make sure that you get a great backup of your website just in case the worst scenario happens and you have to restore from that backup. Now, your hosting company probably automatically does some level of backups. But in many cases, it's just not enough. And you can add additional backups with your hosting company to make sure that you can always get a great backup of your site in case the worst thing happens.

Tip #5 Use Secure Passwords

You're probably logging into your website to make updates to it or maybe it's to check the orders that you just received. But if your password is insecure, you might be making it really easy for hackers to come in and steal your information, or attack your website. So make sure the password is strong and that you're not reusing the same password you use every place else. And that you change the password regularly.

Tip #6: Take Security Seriously 

Make sure that whoever is handling your website is taking your security seriously and has a plan in place to make sure that your website is secure. We take our clients' website security very seriously and in fact so much so that we have specific
Wordpress update plans ready to use for our clients.

If you have any issues with your Wordpress site and want somebody to take ownership of all the security of it, give us a call.

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