Welcome to the fully redesigned, user-friendly, content-updated version of EZMarketing.com—and our very first blog post! The process of revamping our new site required a tremendous effort on the part of our designers, writers, SEO experts, project managers, and of course the man who started it all, Tom Malesic. We salute everyone at EZ who had a hand in this incredible website rebuild.

This isn’t just a site relaunch, however. We’ve got all kinds of exciting things to share with you: we’re now among a select group of Google Partners, recognized by the world’s top search engine as a trusted expert in helping to expand your business and help you grow.

Google partner badge

Expect to see even more amazing things we’ll be revealing over the coming weeks and months.

You can also expect helpful articles, infographics, how-to advice, videos and more from us on a regular basis. We want to share free tips on how to do social media right, the best ways to succeed in your SEO efforts, how to improve your network security, and more. Our goal is to become your resource for all things integrated marketing and IT.

Take some time to browse through our revamped product offerings! For instance, did you know that we can help with your company’s positioning and branding, or that we can build your entire trade show display from design to delivery? Are you aware that we partner with Google for a successful PPC campaign that will grow your business? How about our social media marketing services, which you can take advantage of for as low as $25 a week?

So please, come back as often as you’d like. Add our blog to your RSS feed or your list of daily reads. And if there’s anything we can help you with—anything at all—start a conversation with us. We’re here to listen.

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Posted by EZMarketing Team on Oct 6, 2014 5:17:40 PM
EZMarketing Team

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