Each year, EZMarketing hosts a series seminars and webinars to educate business owners on how to spend their marketing budget wisely and achieve the maximum return on investment. Of course, this industry changes year by year, making it important for our team to stay on top of the trends and ensure that we’re delivering the most reliable and up-to-date information about emerging strategies, technologies that could affect businesses’ marketing budgets, and innovative new ways to get the message out and build an audience.

Year-Over-Year Return on Investment

In the past, our educational seminars have explored such topics as social media, pay-per-click ads, reputation management, the marketing process, search engine optimization strategies, Facebook advertising, and more. For 2017, EZMarketing’s team decided to take a top-level approach to its seminars by offering informational sessions on some critical components of an ongoing strategy. In other words, 2017 is less about individual campaigns and more about ensuring year-over-year returns by ensuring each campaign works in concert with the others.


Chris DeMeo loves educating local business owners about marketing strategy.


After all, it would be foolish to focus only on a single tactic at a time, right? A successful plan is all about investing in an array of tactics, which build marketing pushes, which create campaigns, which should be outlined in a documented strategy. Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Ads, the Marketing Process, Search Engine Optimization, and Marketing Strategy.

EZMarketing’s VP of Business Development, Chris DeMeo, will be presenting three robust and actionable seminars throughout 2017. Chris is passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals and develop their brand. He brings more than two decades’ worth of experience to his clients, helping them to review their own marketing processes and develop as a company over the long term.

His strategic partnerships haven’t been limited to any one type of business or industry—he has enjoyed collaborating with businesses small and large, from family-run mom-and-pop shops to corporations of hundreds, and everything in between. His role at EZMarketing is to lead both the marketing and business development teams, creating interdepartmental synergy that results in happy clients.

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s seminars.

Conversion Marketing – How to Generate Results

As EZMarketing team member Rob Ortiz explained in his post on CMI’s 2017 B2B report, many marketers today seem to be focusing on the wrong metrics to determine whether their marketing efforts are yielding results. While web traffic, sales, and lead quality are all important metrics, conversions—the number of people who take a desired action on your website, from filling out a form to adding an item to their cart—can fall by the wayside. Rob explained,

Marketers have been using website traffic as a metric to measure results of their content marketing efforts, but they’ve also been paying attention to sales, the quality of those sales leads, and conversion rates. You could argue that it’s strange to see how few marketers cited higher conversion rates as a metric.

In this valuable seminar you will learn about the incredible power of conversion marketing, which is a unique (but by no means new) approach to marketing your business designed to cut your cost per acquisition without spending a penny more than you’re already paying. That is to say, for the same amount of money, you can generate more qualified leads.

What is conversion marketing—and why is now the time to try it? We will review how to map out your customer’s experience on your website and ensure they don’t go looking to buy from a competitor, why A/B testing is a critical component of a successful conversion marketing strategy, and how to mine the data you should be paying attention to, analyzing, and interpreting.

How Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

In just the past five to seven years, content marketing has gone from a relatively obscure tactic, even one without much of a useful definition, to a valued strategy that businesses large and small use regularly to engage and grow their consumer base. What’s no longer in question is the power of content—it truly works.

This is why we’ve spent so much time analyzing that B2B Report from the Content Marketing Institute (linked above). Our team has also talked about how to use content you’ve already created to optimize web traffic and generate leads, tools to use when you’re creating content for your business, and tips for using infographics to enhance your digital presence.

(We even wrote a free, downloadable book about it!)

In this seminar, Chris will discuss (just a few of) many different types of content marketing, explain how a holistic content strategy will empower your business for success, and explain the key metrics that will help you determine whether you’re achieving a positive ROI.

Advertising in the Age of Integration

Are all your forms of communication, marketing, and advertising linked together in a way that causes them to enhance each other—like a rope of many strands? While we sometimes talk as though there are “traditional” and “modern” tactics, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this day and age, marketing is marketing. It doesn’t exist in an online or offline bubble, and it certainly doesn’t belong to one type of device or medium.

When you integrate your channels, you’ll have the ability to track and measure the performance of each individual tactic, virtually in real-time, to determine how they complement one another. After you learn which tactics are achieving the greatest return on investment, you can spend more effort and a larger portion of your budget in those channels.

Since the “Age of Integration” has changed marketing so quickly, people are scrambling to increase the number of platforms and devices they use to communicate with customers and prospects. In Chris’s seminar, you will learn which platforms (including pay-per-click campaigns) are best for your business, how to utilize remarketing and retargeting through Facebook and Google’s Display Network to recapture leads, and ways the print advertising you’ve likely been using all along can boost your overall strategy.

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